Off Campus Art Event : Haints and Saints Halloween Parade

IMG_5884IMG_5861IMG_5880IMG_5854 A few weeks ago I attend the Haints and Saints Halloween Parade in Decatur. This parade has been going on since 2011, and has become a tradition in downtown Decatur around Halloween. The parade started small with only a small walk around Decatur Square, but this year it expanded tremendously. It featured several local businesses, organizations and schools which made it not only a parade, but also made it so that people felt included in the community. The Haints and Saints parade was coordinated by  Decatur Market and Gallery, a co-operative gallery that supports emerging artist in Atlanta.

I attended the parade with Karina who also happens to be in the Art 160 course with me. We really enjoyed looking at the little kids and dogs in their halloween costumes. It made reminisce about all the fun times  I had as a kid dressing up and going out trick or treating with my sisters. I also visited the local shop in Decautur called Homegrown. It is such an eclectic and quirky shop that features art work, jewelry, and other items from local artists/ designers in Atlanta. Overall, I had a fun time with Karina filled with laughs, candy, and Chipotle.


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