Final Thoughts

This course was much more of a struggle for me than I thought it would be, however it challenged me in great way. It forced me to think outside of the box, realize that mistakes are beautiful, and that there is no right way of doing something. I noticed that everything is a process. It’s not always important to have a finished product that appears to be perfect, but it’s the in-between that is the most meaningful. This course taught me that there is a constant battle in our brains between how we perceive things to look as compared to what your eye is looking at. This class really showed me how to look at an object or image. Our perceptions can become distorted when looking at images because we are trained to think about things in a certain way. For example, I always thought that my eye was shaped like an almond until I really looked at my eye during the self portrait project. I realized that my eye isn’t an almond shaped and has much more character. I really enjoyed this course despite the struggles, and would like to take another art class in the near future.


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