Sheila Pree Bright Talk


Tonight, I attended the Sheila Pree Bright art lecture in Campbell Hall. At this talk, Bright discussed some of her work, the importance of looking at different cultures, and always asking the question Why. Tonight wasn’t the first time I have encountered Sheila Pree Bright or some of her work. In my first year seminar class, my class attended an art exhibit at Spelman College where some of Sheila Pree Bright’s work was displayed. I was immediately drawn her pieces in her “Plastic Bodies” series because of its ability to make the viewer question what is real and what is fake and distinguish between what is socially accepted  as beautiful and what a woman’s body truly looks like. Bright mentioned these things in her talk tonight as well as many other things pertaining to stereotypes of African American men and women. For instance her project titled “Suburbia” where Bright portrays the invisibility of the black middle class by photographing several homes in various black suburbs. She wanted to convey the fact that not all black households contain the typical black stereotypes. Bright also discussed some of her more recent work such as 1960’s Who, Fifteen, Young Americans, and her most recent wheat pasted images at Agnes Scott College.

Overall, I enjoyed listening to Sheila Pree Bright’s talk tonight. I thought that some of the topics she addresses in her work are inspiring, insightful, and brave. I appreciated the fact that she is so passionate about her work and wanting her work be seen by all walks of life not just by those disclosed in museums.


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