Graphical thinking critique

For this project, we were each given two words which were complete opposites of each other. I had the words course and dainty. From there we were supposed to come up with synonyms, feelings, and thoughts associated with that word. When I think of the word coarse, my mind immediately goes to something tangible like grainy sand or rocks. I attempted to depict that same imagery with texture with my drawing and my image. I chose to use carpet for my image since it conveys many of the same elements of coarse which are dense, indelicate, abrasive, etc. All of these characteristics are the opposite of my other word which was dainty. The word dainty is associated with all things feminine and elegant. For my image I chose to use a red ribbon and manipulate it into the same shape as my drawing which was this free flowing, intertwining, looping line.


In class critique

The in class critique was very insightful and made me think about how other images are applied to the same concepts of the elements and principles that our class learned about. From the critique I learned about the idea of how we relate images to scale and how those images are translated. For example, the thumbnail drawings that we did may or may not have been translated the same way when put onto a bigger scale like the five inch squares. We also discussed the importance of working in black and white. Staying in the range of black and white can convey a different meaning unlike working with color. Color can have several associations in terms of what a color means or what feeling you get when looking at a particular color.

Work that impressed me

I was really impressed with Ama and Anastasia’s work. I appreciated the thought and effort that went beyond just the classroom; they both really took into consideration each word that they were given and took chances with their drawings and images. What really stood out to me about their work was their images and the thought processes behind them. For example, Ama had the word “Vulgar”. She chose to use combined images from several porn dvd covers and blur some of the details of those images out to create her image. This idea was brilliant to me because I personally wouldn’t have thought to do this, but she took a risk with doing this and it worked perfectly. I was impressed with Anastasia’s attention to detail with her drawings and images. Her image of her word “exquisite” was surprising because at a distance her image looked like a plant with two dots. In reality, it was chairs, people and a plant.


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