Super power animal process.

Overall, I would describe my super power animal as being unique, shocking, surprising, and cute. By combining an Aye Aye and a Chinchilla, I was able to create something that was both charming to look at, while still maintaining its form. I named my creature the “Daubentonia Bandit” which is a combination of the scientific name of the Aye Aye and Bandit since it is constantly on the lookout for humans attempting to hunt endangered species. When creating my creature, I literally just gathered materials around the studio that I thought would correlate with its function which is to save other endangered species from becoming extinct. I used materials like straws and forks to represent long arms and legs which would be helpful when climbing trees. Shiny paper for large/ reflective ears which would expand my animals peripheral vision and are useful in detecting sounds from predator drawing near. I also found two light bulbs which I used as eyes. I chose lightbulbs since my creature is the most active at night and needs to be able see far distances in extreme darkness. To incorporate elements similar to a chinchilla, I found some fur like material which I attached to the body. The fur functions as a defense mechanism when my creature feels threatened or anxious; the fur will begin to fall off. This project really forced me to think/ tap into my more creative side which I am not used to using. It also showed me that art is something that can be created out of anything, literally. Art doesn’t have to be constricted to just paint, brushes, and a canvas, but can be created out of everyday materials like toothbrushes, comb, the inside of a pillow, etc. Like many of the other projects, everyones creature looked distinctly different from one another which reflects personalities, personal aesthetics, and several creative processes. I really enjoyed the process of developing my creature and I think that it turned out nice overall.


When I saw Mara’s animal “Obsolescence”, I was immediately drawn to it because of the attention to detail and reflective colors on the body of the animal. I thought that the message which was technological waste was conveyed well because it is depicted literally by the materials she chose to use: CD’s, a light switch, cards, and other technological materials. I was impressed by how much her creature looked like an owl, but still had the wisdom of a turtle.


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